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Referencia: TU-1865

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accom started with the proven clip design of the QUALOADS and then they jammed the shells together and tilted them out so you can grab and pull shells out at an angle. With this design you don't have to rock out elbows, contort you hips or hinder your movement.What does this all mean? You will be able to grab 2 or 4 shells ergonomically correct while on the move and not have to worry about the grab or the pull. You will have more force available to snap the shells out and be in a more comfortable position. The more comfortable that you are at loading; the more confident you will be shooting a stage. They allow a generous amount of room under the shells so that you can get your fingers under the shells before you lift them out of the holder. Taccom also has the greatest distance between our clips so that HUGE hands will have no problem getting at the shells. You can use these holders for 2up or 4up loading (or both!!) depending on your style of shooting.
Technical Information
Capacity: 8
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Attachment Method: Belt Loop, Vest

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